About us

MOGAS S.L.P. SOLDEVILA is a study of Architecture, Engineering and Services.

We can provide tents large and small format, inflatable and conventional, with one or two levels inside, with white canvas, transparent, colored or custom. Level steps with or without attached seats for low traffic counts, large stands shaped metallic ring, corner or straight by large seating capacity, with the possibility of adding boxes to the stands. Indoor and outdoor booths for exhibitors; platforms for the formation of ramps, walkways, bridges, stages at different levels, with straight lines, curves or special made for the needs of each mount. Layher type metal structures for support of screens, advertising, large format scenarios covered one or two waters, curved or special prefabricated for office, dressing rooms, toilets, standard or specifically designed for use with a special finish, fences to narrow surfaces and riot. Furniture, design and decoration of spaces, large format ultralight mirrors made to measure, that can be hung in any position of ceilings, columns, temporary structures, due to its negligible weight, giving a panoramic overhead exhibit.
Be interested in a product specifically, we can provide more detailed information. All products are offered before the comprehensive study of customer needs, making a careful budget of each product along with the corresponding plans, tracking the correct assembly and request, providing the end the corresponding Certificate of Soundness endorsed by the College of Architects of Catalonia proving the correct installation for their use. Of course, we can certify any installation or assembly outside our group.

Management and Services:
The company, one of its aspects, is dedicated to technical advice from various companies engaged in the manufacture of ephemera with managing their own workshops Technical and Commercial Department, conducted the study, calculation, design, customer advice, stakeout, project If an application, certificates and visas for any of their mounts.

We design single-family and multifamily new construction, prefabricated metal stands and fixed structure for sports and / or auditoriums, modular prefabricated buildings and ephemeral installations.

Carles Mogas Camarasa, Architect.
Mercè Soldevila Espona, Architect, Commercial and Management.