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Acústica Festival 2011-2012
Festival Acústica 2011-2012Festival Acústica 2011-2012Acústica Festival 2011-2012

Some stages in different location of Figueres with a covers and sound towers of prefabricated metal structures.

Open Banc de Sabadell Trofeo Godó
Open Banc de Sabadell Trofeo Godó Open Banc de Sabadell Trofeo GodóOpen Banc de Sabadell Trofeo Godó

Project of removable structures, grand stands and auxiliary facilities for the holding of the Conde de Godo Tennis Tournament.

Chinese Year Celebration
Celebración del Año XinoCel.lebració de l' Any XinèsChinese Year Celebration

Instalation of stages, tents and especial structures.

Give illusion. Tous
Regalar ilusión. Tous Regalar il.lusió. Tous Give illusion. Tous

Special structures like truss type lighting and sound on a platform.

Gràcia town Calebrations
Festa Mayor de GràciaFesta Major de GràciaGràcia town Calebrations

Stage with covered and sound towers with prefabricated metal structures and other elements

New Holland presentation
Presentación New Holland Presentació New Holland New Holland presentation

Tiers and coatings of removable metal structures installed on agricultural land for the presentation of a product of New Holland

Stands and marquees
Stands y marquesinasStands i marquesinesStands and marquees

Exterior stands, interior stands and marquees for events and fairs in Spanish territory.

Grandstands, bleachers and boxes in Spain
Tribunas, gradas y palcos en EspañaTribunes, grades i llotges a EspanyaGrandstands, bleachers and boxes in Spain

Grandstands, bleachers and special boxes in Spanish territory for various events from 1984.

Stages and special roofs
Escenarios y cubiertas especialesEscenaris i cobertes especialsStages and special roofs

Stages, platforms and special coatings for musical events in Catalonia.