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Audience in the Installers’ Union of Gerona
Auditorio en el  Gremio  de Instaladores de GeronaAuditori al Gremi d'Instal.ladors de GironaAudience in the Installers' Union of Gerona

Audience in an existing building with capacity of 140 seats equipped with integrated audio and video facilities.

Modular building for office of sales
Edificio modular para oficina de ventasEdifici modular per a oficina de ventesModular building for office of sales

Modular building for a sales office. Housing complex in Barcelona.

Auxiliary building Jardins de Cap Roig
Edificio auxiliar Jardins de Cap RoigEdifici auxiliar Jardins de Cap RoigAuxiliary building Jardins de Cap Roig

Attached semiburied building that shapes the square of the concert hall and contains the services for Cap Roig’s Summer Festival.