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Prefabricated Modules
Módulos prefabricadosMòduls prefabricatsPrefabricated Modules

Modules prefabricated for different uses in Catalonia. Structural certifications and projects of implantation.

Modular offices Circuit of Catalunya
Oficinas modulares Circuit de CatalunyaOficines modulars Circuit de CatalunyaModular offices  Circuit of Catalunya

Modular building of two plants for offices in the Circuit of Catalunya.

Modular building for office of sales
Edificio modular para oficina de ventasEdifici modular per a oficina de ventesModular building for office of sales

Modular building for a sales office. Housing complex in Barcelona.

Athlets residency in Terrassa
Residencia para deportistas en TerrassaResidència per a esportistes a TerrassaAthlets residency in Terrassa

Modular architecture and structures for an athletes residence within the grounds of Atletic Terrassa Hockey Club ATHC.